• What are the guidelines for residential and commercial building?

    That depends. Obviously there are different rules for commercial, business and residential. Please contact us at moc.liamg%40CN.yeKneerG for architectural guidelines and the application process.
  • Can I buy a residential or commercial lot and hold it until I'm ready to build?

    No, there are time limitations on building and completing construction.
  • Do I have to hire and pay for my own trash service?

    Commercial property must hire trash and disposal services. Residential in Ward Farm Village will have weekly trash pick up through the town of Swansboro.
  • Is there a fee to apply for a commercial special use permit?

    Yes, there is a “Special Use Permit Application Fee” and as of July 2019 that fee is $400.
  • What is the procedure for a commercial special use permit?

    Please contact Andrea Correll (910.326.4428), planner for the city of Swansboro, for the full procedure process and dates of planning meetings.
  • What is the fee for parking a boat or RV in the designated residential parking area?

    The fees for such have not yet been set and will be posted on the website once available.
  • When will the community garden, dog walking area, trails and greenspaces be completed?

    Developers are working on the expected completion date. As soon as the date is determined, we will post it here.